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Franchise enterprises, own-label shops and chain store operators all benefit from guaranteed delivery times and our range of services, which can all be provided as part of a single transaction. This allows the members of staff at your branches to concentrate on sales.

Trace & Track

Logistics solutions for chain store operators

All issues dealt with in a single transaction. Leaving you free to get on with selling.

New stock in all shops at the same time: You can rely on that with DTL. We deliver hanging and flat-packed items to your own-label and multi-label shops all over Germany with guaranteed delivery times.

And we arrange the visit to coincide with the delivery of all other services: Goods for other branches and returns are picked up directly by the driver. Materials destined for recycling can also be loaded up and taken away. This lets the employees at your branches concentrate on their main task: selling.

DTL solutions for chain store operators: