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Textil und Logistik verbinden –
das ist unsere Kompetenz.

Fast, secure, safe and reliable: When it comes to fashion logistics, we know what matters. We support the fashion-logistics sector proactively using a tried-and-tested approach combined with new developments.

Trace & Track

Passion and knowledge. For textiles and logistics.

We know that textiles require particularly careful handling. It is for this reason that all our services are based on both the right feel for the goods that we handle and comprehensive expertise in our field. This expertise does not just cover quality and reliability but also being able to communicate with our customers eye to eye.

We are pleased to offer you further details of our unique approach to guaranteeing both quality and reliability. Speed and range are further defining characteristics of our customer service. Certifications by independent auditing bodies are also on hand to testify to the excellence of what we do.

Bundled know-how

  • Quality
  • Safety and security
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Certifications